Tom Mabin & Mark Abelson
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The Vergelegen Heart Unit was opened by Dr Mabin in 1997 and he was joined by Dr Abelson in 2002. The Heart Unit has gone on to being one of the very best cardiac intervention units in the country, incorporating only the highest international standards and the very latest technology into every day care.

Dr. Tom Mabin
MB ChB; BSc (Hons)(Birm.) FACC; FESC; FRCP
PR 1808168
Cell: 083 555 6164
  Dr. Mark Abelson
M.B. B.Ch(Wits) M.R.C.P.(U.K.)F.C.P(S.A.)
PR 0102180
Cell: 083 768 9493
Tel: +27 21 852 9066 ~ Fax: +27 21 851 3829

We have a small group of highly experienced theatre staff who have been with us for years making us an unbeatable team.
This results in excellent patient outcomes and short hospitals stays.

Our core business is treating patients with coronary artery disease by lifestyle changes, medication and coronary stenting.

Dr's Mabin and Abelson have both developed special skills in "niche" areas -
Dr Mabin specialises in bi-ventricular pacemakers, closing congenital "holes in the heart" in adults and recently pioneered transcatheter aortic valve replacements (TAVI ) in South Africa for patients deemed too frail to undergo routine open heart aortic valve replacements.

Dr Abelson has specialised in carotid stenting to open blocked carotid arteries, acute stroke intervention where the blocked artery causing the acute stroke is opened using "stents" placed from the femoral artery ( similar to acute heart attack management) and recently started placing "plugs" in the left atrial appendage in patients with atrial fibrillation who should be on warfarin to prevent strokes, but can't take it because of various contra-indications.

The latter 2 procedures are currently only being performed at the Vergelegen Heart unit in the whole country.

What is a cardiologist

Cardiologists are doctors who specialize in diagnosing and treating diseases or conditions of the heart and blood vessels—the cardiovascular system.

You might also visit a cardiologist so you can learn about your risk factors for heart disease and find out what measures you can take for better heart health.

When you are dealing with a complex health condition like heart disease, it is important that you find the right match between you and your specialist. A diagnosis of heart or vascular disease often begins with your primary care doctor, who then refers you to a cardiologist. The cardiologist evaluates your symptoms and your medical history and may recommend tests for a more definite diagnosis. Then, your cardiologist decides if your condition can be managed under his or her care using medicines or other available treatments.

If your cardiologist decides that you need surgery, he or she refers you to a cardiovascular surgeon, who specializes in operations on the heart, lungs, and blood vessels. You remain under the care of your cardiologist even when you are referred to other specialists. Cardiology is a complex field, so many cardiologists specialize in different areas. All cardiologists are clinical cardiologists who focus on the diagnosis, medical management (use of medicines), and prevention of cardiovascular disease.

Some clinical cardiologists specialize in pediatric cardiology, which means they diagnose and treat heart problems in children.
When clinical cardiologists treat only adult patients, they specialize in adult cardiology.
Other clinical cardiologists may specialize in interventional procedures (balloon angioplasty and stent placement), echocardiography, or electrophysiology.


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